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Human Resources Management

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  • Set up time attendance information online quickly and effectively.

  • Create and manage shifts by employee, meeting the requirements of multi-shift and multi-location timekeeping management.

  • Decentralize specific permissions for each user for security and flexibility in the use of data.

  • Time attendance application via App on smart devices, no costs for installing timekeeping devices.

  • Applying GPS technology and face recognition helps to ensure transparency in timekeeping.

  • Data is synchronized in real time to help check, monitor and detect errors for timely adjustment.

  • Diversify the salary calculation formula and calculate the salary flexibly on the system.

  • There are many options for the payroll and salary approval process on different types of devices such as phones, laptops, tablets,...

  • Users view pay slips on the App with their own accounts, ensuring security and convenience for employees.

Flexible decentralization

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  • Functionally: Specific helpo each function and sportoperations that each user can perform on the system.

  • According to the data:Ensure the security of the business by limiting the data viewed and used by each employee.

  • Data security and clarity in each user's operating authority.

  • Multi-site remote.

  • Series.

  • Modern on the app.

  • Instantly check the location of employees under management.

  • Clear timekeeping device management.


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  • Scoring report.

  • Salary report.

  • Report being late and leaving early.

  • Work hours report.

  • Personnel statistics dashboard


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  • Flexible shift design.

  • Coordinating personnel arrangements.

  • Customize work quickly

  • Various salary calculation formulas.

  • Set insurance and tax rates according to Vietnamese law.

  • Track payslips quickly on the App.

  • High security of payslip according to each user's authorization.

Timekeeping - Salary processing

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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A solution of a centralized software system, built on digital technologies to support businesses in transforming from traditional management models - manual and discrete to a modern management model - Smart and focused.

  1. Main fuction:

  2. Purchase manager

  3. Logistics Management 

  4. Production manager

  5. Sales Manager

  6. Financial management

  7. Synthesis report

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